Assistant for more entertaining and effective form of education and social integration and development of children
(including specific developmental disorders)

kidsTable is a patented, modern, interactive touch table for school and special pedagogical facilities that further develops and helps to improve existing pupils’ learning, not only during classes, but also during breaks or in leisure activities (team, interest circles, etc.).

kidsTable offers children an excellent didactic and visual aid to revitalize the teaching process with the possibility of a whole spectrum of activities – from fun games and quizzes, through training programs or thematic information.



  • great benefit for children with specific developmental disorders through their multi-purpose addressing and active engagement
  • more entertaining and efficient form of teaching with high flexibility and the ability to customize the content according to the needs of the educator
  • stimulating and developing pupils' creativity and creativity; allowing for rapid and frequent changes to the kinds of activities that children need
  • involving pupils in co-creating a lesson and increasing their motivation and positive perception of the subject
  • a secure, interactive platform for children where they can not open inappropriate content and enjoy their favorite programs and games without leaving a safe environment of kidsTable

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